With Chronicle as your internal business partner, you’ll have a serious competitive advantage. Here are some key benefits we bring you:

All of your vital information at your fingertips… anywhere, anytime.

Everything about a job — contacts, schedules, documents, communications, and much more — is all in one place and accessible to everyone. Finding information is fast and easy, and allowing productivity to increase.

When you’re out of the office, our native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows help you stay connected to your customers. They have  a special emphasis to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your field techs.


Continuously Improve Job Profitability.

It’s vital that you understand labor, materials, and subcontractor costs in relationship to a job’s quoted price. This lets you know if you’re meeting profit targets and catch jobs that are headed upside down before it happens.


Improve Cash Flow.

Cash flow is king. Being able to identify customers who owe you money is simple, and our Collections Manager let’s you track that process and make real progress.

Build an Incentivized Team.

If you want to reward your employees for excellent productivity and customer care, our bonus manager helps you do that quickly and fairly.


Streamline Your Meetings.

Meetings about job progress are always needful, and you can know at a glance where a job is at and be ready to discuss it in a few seconds rather than several minutes. This saves you prep time and makes the meeting time more productive.


Cloud-Based & Secure.

With multiple levels of security and data encryption, we give you the best overall data protection in the industry. Your data belongs to you; your database is unique to you and your data is never mixed with other customer’s data or shared with a third party without your explicit permission.


Grow Customer Satisfaction.

Making your customers happy is a primary goal — they need to be satisfied with the work they’re paying for and the people working for them. Getting hard data that helps you see what you’re doing right and what needs improvement is important, and we help you track it by customer and employee.


Client Evaluation.

How much business are you actually getting from an adjuster or referral source? Is that volume of business actually profitable? Is the money you’re spending to build those relationships worth it? We can help you discover the client relationships that bring you the most revenue and produce the most profit.