Welcome to Chronicle Technology, Inc’s first blog post.

We are excited to announce the introduction of our new campaign to help you learn and use Chronicle Software to add more profit to your bottom line. If you have any questions or ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

Chronicle software is a content management program providing email, faxing, reminders, document, job, activity/task, sales/marketing, and collection management. Scalable in excess of 1000 users and the ability to handle Terabytes of data, although we consider this to be a very good achievement, it is not enough for us. We are listening to our customers. Below I’ve listed what we have on the development side, by the end of 2011:

1) Chronicle for Windows Phone 7. It will have access to all the functions is our prior phone version but in a much more user friendly format due to the advancements in Windows phone 7.

2) Chronicle Web Mobile for Employees – that is accessible on major web browsers on the following phones -iPhone, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry. It will have access and update/send ability for an employee’s email, jobs, people, organizations and calendar in its first release.

3) Chronicle’s Internal Email – will be upgraded to allow forwarding to any email.

4) RSS feed – will be added to Chronicle to alert you to new opportunities to enhance Chronicle’s usability in your office.

5) Training Videos – that not only tell you how to use certain pieces of the software but also explaining what the results to you as a manager or owner so that change and progress in the business can happen.

6) Estimate/Work Order – Chronicle will have an estimating system for simple jobs such as carpet cleaning. These estimates will be related to the customer and can be turned into a work order, for your crew, if the customer hires you.

7) Word/Excel Template Integration – into Chronicle. This will allow more robust templates that created and shared.

8) Critical path – for large projects that allow robust views that allow you to change time frames  for activities that reflect those timeframe effects on other scheduled activities.

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