Understanding Chronicle’s Custom Software


Dedicated to the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle custom software offers unique services to a variety of industries. These sectors include the landscaping industry, the tenant improvement industry, the home improvement industry, pest control industry, plumbing industry, disaster restoration industry, as well as a wide array of construction related industries. In addition, Chronicle is noted as being recognized nationally as one of several preferred vendors for ServiceMaster. Chronicle is designed to integrate perfectly with top accounting software programs such as QuickBooks and other productivity software tools.

Chronicle Software is Easy to Use

Chronicle is unique in that it offers functionality designed to allow businesses to combine various elements of daily operations in a seamless and timely way. The integration of job costing, labor analysis, scheduling, Accounts Receivable, and other typical business procedures are perfectly managed in an organized and highly effective software application package. As a result, the productivity of an organization’s entire staff from the business owner to field personnel and managers is increased substantially. Because Chronicle software is so easy to use and because the cost savings begins to become obvious shortly after its implementation, it is quickly gaining in popularity as the preferred management software for the restoration and construction industry.

Chronicle Makes Business Easy and Efficient

When Chronicle is integrated into any business operation, staff members, managers and business owners begin to reap the rewards of its use in a surprisingly short amount of time. Taking advantage of a central database that incorporates all components of the project, customer contact and the communications that typically go on between subcontractors for a job, Chronicle makes business easy and more efficient. This respected and trusted software package is designed to improve the management of sales and marketing campaigns. In addition, it provides detailed and department specific reports on overall organization effectiveness.

High-End Software Applications

From project analysis to the simple initiation of an email, all project management is perfectly coordinated and controlled through Chronicle operational software. “Concluding reports” that are designed to carefully take into account a business’s overall profitability are routinely produced with a suite of software applications offered by Chronicle. In short, Chronicle solves a wide range of small and medium-size business dilemmas. Chronicle provides tools that are affordable, while providing comparable functionality often found in other high-end software applications used by large corporations. Chronicle solves small and medium-sized business dilemmas by providing scalable, functional and powerful job management software.

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