Track Your Job Profitability in Seconds

Real-time profitability analysis in the disaster restoration industry is vital to ensuring high levels of efficiency to produce greater profitability. Chronicles built-in timekeeper does all the financial calculations regarding payroll and then adds it to the job profitability analysis. This is important because job managers are able to quickly determine exactly how much financial resource has been allocated to a particular job at a given point in time. This type of tracking allows job managers to improve overall performance and create higher levels of profitability across a full range of job related activities. The key to the success of Chronicle software is its ability to provide real-time job profitability data.

Chronicle World-Class Software

Chronicle management software can alert job managers to cost overruns and labor costs that maybe running rampant. Because cost overruns and excessive labor costs are widespread throughout the restoration industry and construction industry it is important to incorporate this type of software into any business looking to improve profitability. By using Chronicle world-class software for operations management, small business project management, and service

business management, business owners and managers can greatly improve productivity and general performance. Chronicle software is user oriented and is designed to reflect the company’s own prior experiences in the contractor services industry. The main objective of Chronicle software is to incorporate all functional management elements of a company into one simple and seamless application.

Chronicle Helps Businesses Perform Better

Chronicles software is a powerful game changer design to support the business and information process requirements of small contractor services businesses and medium contractor services businesses. Using one technologically advanced package of Chronicle application software companies can consolidate daily operations. From basic job costing to scheduling and labor tracking, Chronicle helps businesses perform better. In addition, e-mail systems, faxing and document management are fully supported by Chronicles advanced software technology. The main objective of Chronicles software is to make all business processes seamlessly integrated for fast and efficient operations. Chronicle offers ease-of-use and increased productivity for businesses desiring to improve the bottom line.