The Chronicle Software Difference


Most business owners would agree that not all management software is created the same. In fact, industry-specific management software designed for the restoration and construction industry requires unique features not found in generic management software. One company in particular, Chronicle has smartly crafted unique custom management software that specifically targets improving the restoration and construction industry. In addition, this powerful, scalable and lightweight software is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses that foresee normal business expansion and growth. Chronicle management software fills a unique need for highly functional and well-designed software applications that are affordable and reasonably priced with small and medium-sized businesses in mind.

One Simple Seamless Application

This powerful suite of job management software includes a wide array of versatile features typically found in large-scale corporate software. For example, typical features include equipment system architecture, job costing documentation management, accounts receivable calendars, accounts receivable scheduling, accounting integration, as well as labor tracking and payroll contact functionality. No other software intended for the restoration and construction industry provides this level of support at such incredibly competitive pricing. Using Chronicles software allows small and medium-size businesses to manage their operation with one simple seamless application.

Robust And Extremely Scalable

Chronicle has a proven track record for delivering outstanding quality at affordable pricing, while providing premier customer service that results in impressive customer satisfaction. Other features with regard to contact management found in the robust collection of software applications offered by Chronicle include prospecting features, to do list features, campaign management features, calendar features, scheduling features, as well as campaign management features that are robust and extremely scalable. Chronicle knows and understands each and every intricate detail of the management software that has been created with the restoration and construction industry in mind. No other highly specialized software offers the level of support and level of functionality that chronicle software offers.

Greatly Enhance Profitability and Reduce Waste

Job costing functionality includes the accumulation of job-by-job cost details within Chronicle software. In addition, multiple views of data are readily available through this robust software package. Managers are able to view job-costing information according to job, activity or service line. Real time information is readily available to managers, business owners and staff with regard to job costing. All of this functionality is designed with one goal in mind and that is to greatly enhance profitability and reduce waste within an organization. Saving money and saving time are the core benefits found through the use of Chronicle software.

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