The Size of A Business Does Matter When It Comes to Chronicle Software

FI Size of your business

Chronicle management software for the restoration and construction industry is unique in that it is highly scalable and easy to integrate. The Chronicle software suite is easy to implement with regard to a wide range of businesses and is perfectly suited for growth as a business grows. From a full range of small to medium-sized businesses, Chronicle management software can be adapted to a wide range of business sizes. Whether a company chooses the standard or enterprise software package offered by Chronicle, they can be assured that the software will grow in concert with their business. One of the key benefits of using Chronicle is that it will ultimately save business owners money, time, and trouble. Read more

When Cash Flow Problems Become Cash Flow Solutions

FI Money Problems

The restoration and construction industry, like many other industries, is prone to losses due to inadequate and disorganized cash flow. The tracking of cash flow is essential to long-term business success. Most business owners would agree that without adequate cash flow a business is likely to simply cease to exist. For a business owner to truly achieve the best in terms of profitability they must have a well-structured cash flow tracking system in place. Chronicle software offers business owners an excellent option for automating the cash flow process and eliminating problems associated with tracking cash flow. Chronicle’s Collection Manager is a well-designed, highly intuitive reporting tool that reduces the complexities of collections and helps maintain a steady cash flow stream. Read more

Understanding The Scheduling Functions Of Chronicle Software

As one of the premier management software applications for the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle software has provisions and mechanisms that allow for the quick and efficient scheduling of events, activities and tasks. What makes Chronicle’s software scheduling functions so unique is that it allows business owners and project managers to easily schedule an event from various locations. For example, a business owner or project manager can quickly and easily schedule an activity from the integrated calendar as well as directly from a job file. Checking time slots and assessing resources is quick and effortless when using this world-class quality software suite. Read more

Is Your Data Secured?

Privacy and overall levels of digital security are ever increasing issues in today’s highly digitized world, so it’s important to consider the levels of security offered by various types of software applications. Of equal importance is making certain that software designed to enhance business productivity is secure as well. Many companies today rely on software applications that contain large volumes of highly sensitive business information. That is why it is important to select a management software application that will ensure that sensitive information is never compromised. Chronicle management software, designed for the restoration and construction industry, is a tried and tested grouping of software applications that offers trusted levels of security and privacy for business owners. Read more

Ensuring That Employees Are Doing Their Job

In today’s complex business world it is more important than ever before to ensure that employees are in fact doing their job. Holding employees accountable for the quality and quantity of work they accomplish is key to assuring the long-term success of any organization. The good news for small and medium-size businesses is that Chronicle software makes this particular concern easy and simple to address. Chronicle software is intelligently designed to provide business owners with the unique ability to track the activities of managers as well as their direct reports in any department within an organization. This is a highly effective form of automation that allows businesses to realize greatly increased levels of productivity. Read more

Getting Back to Basics with Chronicle Software

Getting back to basics with Chronicle management software for the restoration and construction industry is simple. The company offers unique and highly effective digital solutions as a way to help consolidate daily operations for virtually any business in the small to medium category. By integrating daily operations into one simple easy to use tool for employees a business owner can maximize how a business operates on a daily basis. From scheduling to job costing and even labor tracking, Chronicle has all bases covered for busy business owners looking to delegate greater responsibility to managers without sacrificing total overall control.

Reducing The Necessity For Entering Similar Data In The Same Fields Multiple Times

Because Chronicle offers a virtually seamless integration with Quickbooks as well as a variety of other productivity tools it is quickly becoming the software solution of choice in the industry. It does this by collecting relevant data from an array of applications and then consolidating this data into one main easy to access database. This process reduces the necessity for time intensive tasks such as searching for data in multiple locations. The software is equally effective in reducing the necessity for entering similar data in the same fields multiple times. Efficient business management and operation is at the core of what Chronicle does best.

Advanced Security In Place So That Critical Information Is Never Compromised.

By incorporating Chronicle into any business model a business owner and managers alike can easily achieve impressive cost savings and improved bottom line performance. When managers begin to interface with Chronicle software products, improved productivity is often fast and well defined. In addition, because information access is possible from virtually anywhere, Chronicle is perfect for a wide range of business structures.

How to Create Fair and Balanced Incentive Plans for Your Employees With Chronicle Software

Because Chronicle software for the restoration and construction industry is so highly prized among various sized businesses it is important to note that this software has many useful facets. One of these facets in particular is the ability to create fair and balanced incentive plans for employees. This is a unique aspect of Chronicle software that uses highly accurate computer reasoning to calculate and determine what an employee is entitled to with regard to a wide array of incentives. Making accurate determinations of which employees are delivering the most in terms of productivity and sales and then rewarding those employees is easy with Chronicle Software.

Satisfying The Information And Business Process In Customizable Fashion

In addition, businesses in the small and medium sized class know that Chronicle software is developed and designed to answer a growing demand for highly effective and functional software solutions. Satisfying the information and business process in customizable fashion is what sets Chronicle apart from other specialty software companies. Increasing the functionality and the results from existing business tools along with making employee workloads easier and more streamlined is at the core of what Chronicle does for clients each and every day. Add to this impressive formula a seamless integration and you have possibly the best management software in the industry.

Chronicle Leads The Way In Making The Business Process Simpler

With easy and convenient access available just about anywhere it is clear to see why Chronicle is a proven leader in the field of management software. Offering business the ability to create fair and balanced incentive plans for their employees is just one more example of how Chronicle leads the way in making the business process simpler and more streamlined. One central and seamless management application should be the goal of all small and medium sized businesses today. This is essential to ensure continued competitiveness and profitability. Chronicle software for the restoration and construction industry is clearly a cut above when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of incentive plans for employees that are designed from the ground up to be fair and balanced.

Discover Chronicle Mobile

While Chronicle management software for the restoration and construction industry is already cutting edge and state-of-the-art in everyway, it has recently become even better thanks to full mobile functionality. This definitive software solution for small and medium sized businesses can now be accessed via iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile Phones. With recent improvements to its mobile phone platform Chronicle is now able to provide clients with noticeably better interfacing via mobile devices. As mobile connectivity rapidly takes businesses of all kinds into the future it is easy to see why the Chronicle mobile interface is becoming such a popular option for clients.

Viewing Existing Emails And Journals Is Just As Intuitive And Requires Little Effort

Features made available through Chronicle Mobile include the ability to quickly and easily look up people as well as add multiple recipients. Other notable features include the ability to create a new email or journal entry and reply to or forward emails and a journal entry. Equally impressive is the ease with which businesses can now look-up addresses and phone numbers a well as call those phone numbers. Viewing and emailing documents is convenient and simple when you run Chronicle Mobile. Viewing existing emails and a journal entry is just as intuitive and requires very little effort when running Chronicle Mobile. Another important aspect of the mobile Chronicle format is that calendar functions can be viewed in day, week and month style.

Future Releases Include The Ability To Add Voice Messages As Journal Entries

Upgrades are easy and effortless when using Chronicle Mobile. In addition, businesses that choose to take full advantage of the mobile-interface technology offered by Chronicle will be pleased to know that Chronicle has ongoing and continued development plans for future functionality releases. These future releases include the ability to add voice messages as journal entries with regard to an organization, person or particular job. Also impressive is the future ability to view as well as change department activities. Key performance indictors such as total receivables are also in the design and development stages slated for forthcoming releases. Location tracking and offline mode are just a few more future enhancements that clients using Chronicle Mobile can expect.

Chronicle Software and Faxing

While today’s largely Internet-centric world is increasingly focused on e-mail communications, faxing is still a vital part of the overall functioning of most businesses today. In fact, some businesses insist on faxing as a primary method of communication due to perceived or real safety concerns involved with online communications such as e-mail. Fortunately for those choosing to use the world-class premier software offered by Chronicle there are functions and options made available that seamlessly integrate faxing into any job file or project. In effect, Chronicle based faxing is all done via the online platform and is extremely affordable. Typically speaking, for a small fee companies can enjoy unlimited faxing that then becomes an integral part of every job file.

The Streamlined Performance Of Chronicle Software

Restoration management software designed for the restoration and construction industry has achieved unprecedented levels of quality and affordability thanks to Chronicle. Companies incorporating Chronicle software into their operation typically experience measurable and noticeably higher levels of customer satisfaction as well as improved cash flow performance. Once a company has experienced the streamlined performance of Chronicle software they usually agree that operating a business without Chronicle based software would be hard to imagine. Tracking every facet of business operation is made more transparent and more efficient thanks to Chronicle software and applications.

Questions And Concerns Are Addressed In A Fast And Efficient Manner

Companies that integrate Chronicle products and services into their daily operations find that revenue increases are quickly achieved while improved employee productivity and accountability is also noted. With attentive customer support via phone and e-mail that is highly responsive, customers and clients can rest assured that questions and concerns will be addressed in a fast and efficient manner. Managing sales and marketing campaigns that result in detailed reports on their effectiveness is at the core of what Chronicle based software does for businesses. In addition, countless success stories and testimonials are readily available that show how effective Chronicle software can be for improving the bottom line for a wide variety of businesses. Contact Chronicle today to improve the organization and accountability of your job files.

Understanding the Project Manager as related to GoChronicle

Through the careful integration of premier software offered by Chronicle, project managers can not only track the work and progress of other managers and employees but they can also have a better understanding of what is expected from them in general. A project manager, sales representative or estimator working on a particular job file can achieve an excellent level of accountability through highly organized and detailed Chronicle software programs and applications. From e-mailing to scheduling to ensuring that the correct documents are integrated into the system, managers and other team members achieve increased levels of accountability and organization through Chronicle software and applications.

Chronicle Software Is A Cutting-Edge Tool That Helps Business Owners

When a job file is managed through Chronicle software almost instantaneous and accurate accountability is available to all team members that have access to a particular job file. This type of unprecedented organization and accountability allows business owners to quickly assess a current job or project and make the necessary changes to improve efficiency and overall job performance. Chronicle software is a cutting-edge tool that helps business owners increase productivity while creating greater accountability and improved overall organization. This helps to foster greater trust and dependability across a broad spectrum of project managers and employees. Chronicle restoration management software is in many ways an essential tool for a fast moving business environment.

Improving Cash Flow Accountability And Productivity

Virtually no other job management software on the market today offers the flexibility and scalability that Chronicle offers businesses small and large. Improving cash flow accountability and productivity as well as virtually every facet of a business operation is at the very core of what Chronicle software and business related applications do on a daily basis. Reliability and software that performs on a world-class level is what can be expected by businesses that integrate Chronicle software into their operation. From award-winning support to a wide range of products and services, Chronicle is a progressive and forward thinking organization that makes business operations easier and more efficient for profit minded businesses. Affordably priced highly scalable and powerful software applications for businesses is what Chronicle is known for throughout the industry. Contact Chronicle today and experience the power of world-class software.