The implementation and training process is the beginning of the business partnership your organization will have with Chronicle. Our Services and Support Group work side by side your staff to ensure the software is installed, your staff trained and the system utilized. We will not monopolize your staff, and will always seek to make things as convenient as possible to ensure there is minimal disruption in your business. Best of all, our start-up system templates make it possible to begin using Chronicle within a matter of hours!

The primary goal of the implementation process is to achieve utilization of the system on a test job and then to begin moving toward utilization of the system on successive jobs. The implementation process is defined by three distinct stages, lead by a team comprised of your staff and a Chronicle Implementation Manager. We like to think of each stage in the context of the roles each member of the team will have. From the standpoint of the business and its staff, we realize each duty must be executed in parallel with the respective team member’s ongoing duties.

Here is a quick look at each stage. In total, we find that this initial process can be completed in a period of approximately four weeks. After that, over the next four weeks users will expand their use of the system as more jobs are added and more users come on line.

Stage 1 – System configuration.

Stage 1 involves the resources of the business from the standpoint of installing the hardware and communications infrastructure necessary to operate the software on a local area network and to establish access to the software and its server via the Internet. This stage may be handled by internal staff of the business or through an outside systems / computer consultant. A Chronicle support technician will actually load and test the software for the business once the server and Internet connection are ready.

Stage 2 – Staff orientation and training.

One of our first priorities is to identify the Chronicle Champion, the person in the organization responsible for seeing the implementation through and carrying the project forward while other staff members learn the new system. We will provide the Chronicle Champion with a comprehensive overview of the system, and then begin working with him or her to integrate Chronicle into your business.

Stage 3 – System pilot.

Hands on experience with the system is the best way to learn. We achieve this through working with your staff to configure the software with your information and then track an active job. Staff will learn how to add users and departments, manage documents, send e-mails, utilize the scheduling feature with the goal of becoming prepared to expand utilization of the critical system features and capabilities to eventually manage the entire business using Chronicle in a just a few weeks time.

Stage 4 – Expanded User Training.

Once things are up and running, users discover there are a variety of opportunities to expand the use of the program within their business. We have an extensive library of training materials dedicated to supporting that goal, and are continuing to invest in additional modular training guides covering a variety of advanced topics. We also offer On-Site and On-Line training for experienced users of the system. These scheduled sessions can cover issues and questions that are beyond the basic operation of the program. Training charges are based on an hourly rate of $120 per hour. On-Site visits will include travel related costs.