Revenue growth comes from new business, and in the contractor services industry the best source of new business is referrals and repeat customers. Keeping in touch with customers and providing prompt responses to inquiries can be a challenge, especially as business grows and there is less time for one to one customer contact.

Good systems will leverage existing resources and actually improve customer contact, thereby enhancing the customer’s experience dealing with your business. Chronicle users in the disaster restoration business have found that having an integrated system that includes customer relationship management capabilities allows for more proactive and responsive handling of customers and insurance adjusters. Karen Dehart of Lemon Grove, CA tells of how their customers have been pleased with the level of follow up and timeliness with which issues are dispatched since Chronicle was installed. “In the past, we worked very hard to please the customer and the adjuster both. In this business rapid response is a necessity if we hope to retain the adjusters and earn customer referrals. With Chronicle we are able to provide a level of service that is unmatched by our competitors, hands down. Our referral rate has steadily increased in the past several months, and we have found increases in job volume from our adjusters”.

Chronicle delivers information to the desktops of your staff that is always current, making it possible to provide accurate and timely responses to your customers. The communication log serves as a complete history of all correspondence, including e-mails, letters and even notations of phone conversations. A key component of the Chronicle functionality is the document management system, which creates an on line library of every document related to a job, even those that need to be scanned. Finally, every job maintains a list of assigned vendors so that contact with the field is not slowed. We all expect to receive the highest level of service imaginable, although few companies can truly deliver. With Chronicle, it is possible.