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Bottom Line Case Study

Cost control, accounts receivable management, labor and materials overages, resource allocation . . . the complexity of running a small business is really no different than operating a Fortune 1000 company. The difference is the Fortune 1000 company has large staffs and expensive systems to keep things straight. We all know these are luxuries that are neither affordable nor practical for a small business. Without top-level management review and oversight any operation gets out of control. Gains in revenue are lost in costs that are not managed or watched.

The testimonials of virtually every Chronicle user speak to the gains in net margins experienced year over year after going with Chronicle. “I found that once we had Chronicle on line, I was able to focus again on the important aspects of my business. There was less time spent chasing information department by department, wishing I really knew what my people were doing and what was going on in my business day to day”, states Mark Bower of Ontario, CA. Mark’s testimony is proven in the numbers. The net margin in his business has increased 15 percentage points over the last 2 years using Chronicle. Similar results have been seen.

The story is the same in a similar business located in Seattle, WA where Mike Mack says that the “net margin has improved 5 percentage points in the past year alone after seeing substantial improvement the year before” proving that Chronicle continues to give business a platform to increase margins not just in the first year, but year after year.

Chronicle tracks and consolidates all of the critical elements of your business. Managers have on line access to the critical information that drives the business, including active and completed job reports, customer receivable information and variance reports by job and by department. And when things start going right again, it will be easy to shoot a quick e-mail from your Chronicle system to your office manager thanking her for the job well done, with the help of Chronicle, of course!