ServiceMaster Trade Show, Anaheim CA

Take a look at a few pictures from the most recent trade show.

Andy McBride – Head of Customer Service sitting down with a client for some one-on-one focused time, answering questions.



Eric answering a customer’s questions one-on-one.



That’s me, with Pete Logan… our top sales guy. Boy does he know a lot about successful businesses! You should ask him about his background some time…



Daniel Manchester chatting with a client… (did they call each other in the morning to see what they were going to wear that day?)



Check out all the activity at the booth! You’ll notice we are spilling out into the aisles, while it was pretty quiet everywhere else. That’s Dan Kreiss (plaid shirt – a very experienced Chronicle specialist) and Eric chatting with a client. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and said Hello!  We were glad to see you there!.



Such a handsome bunch!  Do you like our new booth? Doesn’t it look awesome! If you didn’t make it this time… make sure you come to the next tradeshow… you just might find yourself in our pictures next year!




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