Severity of Issue Common Examples Initial Response Objective* Recovery Plan
Mission-critical emergency

Your Chronicle server is down and no one can access it.
Chronicle Server System Down is the only circumstance for an issue to be classified as Critical.

1 Business Hour

Down servers are worked on continuously during office hours until a workaround or resolution is found. They are immediately escalated to the Customer Support Supervisor; if they are unresolved in 12 hours they are escalated to the Customer Support Manager.
Significant loss or reduction of service
A major function is experiencing a reproducible problem which causes major inconvenience: business critical operations fail consistently.
  • Your office cannot send or receive email in Chronicle.
  • A workstation in your office can’t connect to Chronicle.

4 Business Hours

Customer Support will identify the source of the problem and (if necessary) create a workaround or other resolution in order to restore normal business operations as soon as possible.
Minor loss or reduction of service

An operation occasionally fails or isn’t performing as expected, or you have a question about how to use part of Chronicle.
  • You get an error message when running a non-critical query.
  • You need to push a job from QuickBooks into Chronicle.
  • You need help understanding how to use a function or module in Chronicle
  • Your Chronicle System is running slower than normal operation.

1 Business Day

Customer Support will make a best effort to answer any how-to questions and look at any unexpected behavior with a view to fixing the problem. When appropriate, we will log the issue as a bug or feature request and pass it to our development team. You can contact Customer Support to monitor the status of any bug or feature request.

*Please note that Initial Response Objectives are when you should first hear from us, not how quickly a problem will be resolved. Due to the complexity of the product and interactions with your network environment we cannot project resolution times for Support issues.