How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers!

Do you work with clients that send you repeat business, like insurance companies, general contractors, government agencies, etc?

On the surface, it seems like it would be a really great idea to have repeat business. And it sure feels good knowing that you’re staying busy and have consistent work coming in, especially in this economy. Unfortunately, you may be getting a false sense of security if you aren't paying attention to your numbers. Believe me, it's easy to do, especially if you aren't using Chronicle effectively.

How many people do you know like working without getting paid? Anyone? No. Do you? I’m guessing not.

Working on a bunch of projects that merely keep you busy, not only wastes your time, your energy and your focus. It also takes time away from you getting new projects that will make you money! You are in business after all, to make money right? You want to provide for your family, send your kids to good schools, etc. So why are you working for free?

Chronicle allows you to easily and quickly dive deep into your numbers so you can find out what the profitability is on

your jobs with certain organizations. Chronicle clearly and easily answers the all important question…  “Am I working for free with this client?” and “Are they worth keeping?”

Chronicle's ‘Profitability Snapshot Report’ allows you to review a completed job list by month, or a specific date range. This report shows you

  • how many jobs you've done for a specific client
  • how much money has been invoiced
  • how much has been collected
  • the profitability of all the jobs in a specific time period

Take a few minutes to run this report for the last 6 months. The numbers may surprise you and may even cause you to reconsider where you put your time, energy and efforts.

You’ll want to review and maybe even rethink your working relationship with some of your clients. Profit and cash flow makes your business go. But if you’re working for free, it may be time to cut bait and start making more money with profitable projects. Go run the Chronicle Profitability Snapshot Report right now! You’ll be glad you did.