How to Make Critical Financial Decisions for Your Jobs, Quickly

Job profitability in real time helps job managers make critical financial decisions faster and more efficiently than has ever been possible in the past. By harnessing the incredible advances in software technology, Chronicle is able to help businesses improve the decision-making process across a wide spectrum of job related operations. Making quick financial decisions is easy when your company puts Chronicle job profitability analysis systems into place. The key to greatly increasing revenues and profitability is having data at your fingertips in real time. Chronicle management software is designed specifically for the disaster restoration industry and is intended to make real-time analysis simple and intuitive.

Technologically Advanced Application Software

From controlling labor costs to closely tracking overtime, Chronicle management software produces impressive results for a wide array of companies and businesses. Technologically advanced application software powered by Chronicle helps project managers make midcourse corrections as a project progresses. This has clearly defined results of improving a company’s profitability and level of success. Real-time data at a project manager’s disposal

is the primary objective of Chronicle software. Having free and open access to information and data empowers project managers to make more informed decisions that result in efficiency and improved job completion statistics.

Real-Time Data and Fast and Simple Access

Simply stated Chronicle management software allows businesses to save time and money by improving the flow of data and the efficiency of how that data is used. In addition, because Chronicle software is simple, intuitive and easy to integrate into any business it makes cost savings and improved profitability achievable goals. With real-time data and fast and simple access to communications and documents, Chronicle management software is changing the way business is done in the restoration management industry. Integrating QuickBooks and a variety of other productivity tools into your operation is effortless with Chronicle management software. Allowing for job files to reside in one location where they are easy to find and easy to access is the key to understanding Chronicle management software.


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