How Are You Keeping in Touch?

Are you considering marketing your business with social media, email newsletters, blogging, bookmarking, LinkedIn, hubs or Squidoo pages? It can be overwhelming trying to decide what to do first (or second, or third). A very common question I get is “What marketing strategy will bring the most bang for my buck?”

An especially great way to keep in touch and generate new business is through an email newsletter. You've heard it said before… it's much easier to sell to a client that has already purchased from you, than it is to acquire a new one.

One of my favorite ways of stimulating new business is an email newsletter showing before and after photos of projects. In doing so, you are –
1. Planting seeds for new projects with previous customers
2. Spotlighting your skills (your expertise)
3. Showing happy customers (inferred referral)
4. Making it easy for

prospects to contact you (you stay top of mind)

For example – Let's say you completed a beautiful room addition with Mrs. Smith and you showcased it in your email newsletter. Mrs. Jones has been thinking of expanding her Master Bedroom. Your newsletter arrives filled with beautiful pictures, a summary, and a happy smiling customer. Mrs. Jones wants what Mrs. Smith has and decides to call you! You were there at the right time and the right place!

Chronicle's customer database makes it easy to upload new and previous customers to an email newsletter program like Constant Contact. Be sure to fully utilize your Chronicle database in every aspect of your business – from project management to marketing.

Are you using an email newsletter to promote your business? How are you using Chronicle to market your business? Let us know below…