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While Chronicle management software for the restoration and construction industry is already cutting edge and state-of-the-art in everyway, it has recently become even better thanks to full mobile functionality. This definitive software solution for small and medium sized businesses can now be accessed via iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile Phones. With recent improvements to its mobile phone platform Chronicle is now able to provide clients with noticeably better interfacing via mobile devices. As mobile connectivity rapidly takes businesses of all kinds into the future it is easy to see why the Chronicle mobile interface is becoming such a popular option for clients.

Viewing Existing Emails And Journals Is Just As Intuitive And Requires Little Effort

Features made available through Chronicle Mobile include the ability to quickly and easily look up people as well as add multiple recipients. Other notable features include the ability to create a new email or journal entry and reply to or forward emails and a journal entry. Equally impressive is the ease with which businesses can now look-up addresses and phone numbers a well as call those phone numbers. Viewing and emailing documents is convenient and simple when you run Chronicle Mobile. Viewing existing emails and a journal entry is just as intuitive and requires very little effort when running Chronicle Mobile. Another important aspect of the mobile Chronicle format is that calendar functions can be viewed in day, week and month style.

Future Releases Include The Ability To Add Voice Messages As Journal Entries

Upgrades are easy and effortless when using Chronicle Mobile. In addition, businesses that choose to take full advantage of the mobile-interface technology offered by Chronicle will be pleased to know that Chronicle has ongoing and continued development plans for future functionality releases. These future releases include the ability to add voice messages as journal entries with regard to an organization, person or particular job. Also impressive is the future ability to view as well as change department activities. Key performance indictors such as total receivables are also in the design and development stages slated for forthcoming releases. Location tracking and offline mode are just a few more future enhancements that clients using Chronicle Mobile can expect.

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