Contractor Connection Tradeshow 2011

After attending the Contractor Connection last week, I thought I'd pass on a few observations…

1. It was a great show. Although a bit small, there were a lot of great vendors providing fabulous products to help your business run smoother, provide new services and increase your efficiency.

2. A lot of buzz. The economy is picking up. A general consensus of the people I spoke with were getting busier and busier in the last few months, much more so as a matter of fact than last year at this same time.

3. Personal touch. A representative of the conference went around to each and every booth asking how the

show was going, was everything ok, how we were doing, and much more. Personal attention from the owner was impressive and appreciated.

4. No time to rest. There were so much interest in Chronicle, our sales guys didn't get to sit much. Business owners are taking the time to research, attend trade shows, and invest back in their businesses. They're investing in their future by improving their processes, providing a better experience for their customers and growing their businesses despite the naysayers in the news. They're banking on recovery and creating their own!

How are you creating your own recovery in your neck of the woods?