Coming Soon: ‘Set It and Forget It’ Report Settings!

You’re already familiar with the powerful, interactive reporting in Chronicle’s Job Manager and Marketing Manager, Graphs, Collections Manager, Task Manager, and Labor Manager—how the customizable settings allow you to target specific information as you analyze job profitability, monitor jobs, track marketing efforts, and much more. But in the past, each time you wanted to check a report you’d need to manually set all the conditions first and then run the report.

Now with the new “save report” feature you can create a report and save it to your homepage for quick and easy access! Chronicle will remember the conditions you picked and run the report instantly. You can use the report for your own purposes or share it with co-workers.

Take a look at these screenshots:



This feature will be released in the next few weeks and in later releases we’ll add it to other reports like the Trend Report and Profitability Snapshot. Keep an eye out for updates to Chronicle so you can start using this exciting feature right away!

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