Chronicle Release Notes – Version 8.8

FI 8.8 Release Notes

Here’s what you’ll be seeing very shortly in our latest release!

On your iPhone and iPad:

  • Photos can now be taken and imported directly from the app to a Chronicle Job file
  • Major improvements to application stability and reliability
  • Added an Outbox to the Menu to show list of items waiting to be uploaded to the server
  • Improved performance opening a Job

On your desktop, the most notable changes include:

  • Improved connection reliability Loss of network connectivity will no longer require you to log back into Chronicle!
  • The NEW Scheduler is released Working with events is now more dynamic when scheduling people, equipment, and organizations to jobs. You can continue to use the old Calendar and go between them to see the differences.
  • Budget Improvements You can now add supplements and change order amounts to the budget screen.
  • Program Enhancements Over 125 bugs have been fixed and we’ve added many general program enhancements.

Following are more details on the desktop release.

Budget Improvements

  • New columns! Whenever an adjuster approves additions to an original estimate (supplement) or a customer adds additional costs to the work on a job (change order), you need to record this and budget accordingly. Chronicle now gives you the choice of entering up to two supplements and two change order amount column to the budget screen. To do so go to the options button and select Show/Hide Columns. Adding just one of these columns will also add a new column for the combined estimate, supplements, and change orders. In addition, you can now add columns for notes, proposed bids and current profit numbers. (Show/hide screen)
  • Estimate Import! Currently you can import the initial estimate from Xactimate. You can also import any supplements you have created in Xactimate as well. To do so click on Import from Xactimate and from the import by recap category screen, in the lower left choose whether to import as the main estimate, supplement, or supplement2. (Show/hide screen)

General Enhancements

Audit Logs You are now able to search by date, type of changes, and area of change. (Show/hide screen)
Collections Manager

  • Added sold price as an optional column.
  • Able to view receivables filtered by employee in selected role.

Job Description Lengthened the job description field.
Dashboard Create a tile to compare initial bid, sold price and revenues.
Site Name

  • The site name field has been lengthened.
  • Added as a customization column choice in the labor manager and as a preference for the financial tab in the job manager.

Initial bid/Sold price Date fields have been added on the Depts/Activities tab for the dates of the initial bid and sold price.
Job Manager Added the ability to view the financial status of terminated jobs.
Marketing Manager When viewing contacts by office, you can now expand/collapse all in the list and view summary totals office by office.

Email Notifications

  • The pop up for email notification will now tell you who the email is from.
  • The setting to turn notification on or off for new incoming emails is now in the employees person file on the preferences tab. (Show/hide screen)

Bonus Manager When customizing appearance you can now choose to add a column for revenue (i.e. payment – tax & credit memo).
Improved Search features

  • Reminders It is now easier to search people to set reminders for.
  • Organization tab When searching for organizations there is now a city column.
  • Email search Easier to find information in the body of an email.

Network Connectivity

  • Should you have a loss of network connectivity, Chronicle will now automatically reconnect for you.
  • When you wake up your computer from sleep mode Chronicle will reconnect you.
  • If switch network connections, Chronicle will reconnect you.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Display Issues
    • Activity due time is now correctly set when editing due date.
    • Multiple roles assigned to a person/org in a job file were appearing twice on contacts tab.
    • Panel now shows information for an event scheduled for an office.
    • Surveys no longer display department name when creating.
    • Documents tab inside of an organization file is now fully visible.
    • Tasks, key dates, and reminders visible in Scheduler now display appropriate InfoPanels.
  • Changing an organization from customer to non-customer You can now change the category from customer to a non-customer once the jobs have been moved to a different customer.
  • Maps When the show map window is resized, the maps will now also resize.
  • Purchase orders The PO screen now shows who created the PO.
  • SQL errors Fixed a number of SQL errors in job files, contacts, group manager, organizations and others.
  • ServiceMaster You can now enter Enterprize IDs with hyphens.
  • Organizations Now properly sort alphabetically.
  • Xactimate Import HEAT, VENT & AIR CONDITIONING can now be imported into budget.


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