How do we get started?

We view the implementation process as the beginning of the business partnership your organization will have with Chronicle. Our Services and Support Group work side by side your staff to ensure the software is installed, your staff trained and the system utilized. We will not monopolize your staff, and will always seek to make things as convenient as possible to ensure there is minimal disruption in your business. Best of all, our start-up system templates make it possible to begin using Chronicle within a matter of hours! For more on our implementation and training process, please visit our Training page.

Will we need to add technical support staff or outside consultants to install Chronicle?

No. Our trained implementation staff support is available to assist every user with the installation process. We will work directly with your internal information systems staff or outside consultants to install the software. Once your network is operational, the actual software installation may be handled via the Internet in less than 30 minutes.

Who will train our staff?

We train your staff. Our training staff is made up of former contractor services professionals that know your business and the Chronicle software. Technology has made it possible for us to provide cost effective training using the remote access capabilities of the Chronicle software. With your permission, we can come right to the computer desktop and train your staff on site any time.

Is there a technical support / help desk?

Yes. We have our own technical support staff. Chronicle technical support is available toll free at (866) 247-6684 Monday through Friday 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. For more information on our technical support, please visit Support.

What other applications does Chronicle work with?

Chronicle works with Xactimate®, QuickBooks Pro® through Enterprise, Word®, Excel® and Adobe®. Chronicle is a Gold member of Intuit’s Solutions Marketplace. As a member of the Solutions Marketplace, Chronicle now works seamlessly with QuickBooks Pro through Enterprise. For more on how Chronicle and QuickBooks work together please visit QuickBooks Integration.

Are there other businesses we can talk with that are using Chronicle?

Yes! Chronicle was pioneered by some of the most respected contractor services businesses within the ServiceMaster franchise network. These businesses are passionate about Chronicle and have real world examples of how the software has simplified and improved their operations. In addition, Chronicle has added a number of other businesses to its client list, including roofing, landscaping and general contracting operations. Please visit our Success Stories for more from our customers.

Can the program be accessed via the Internet?

Yes. Chronicle is a Thin-client application that utilizes the TCP-IP protocol. The software will run via the Internet the same way it will on your office network. Chronicle makes it possible for every member of your team to have access to all of your job information, including job status, assigned staff, utilized resources, records of communication and account balances any time, from any where.

Do we need high-speed lines?

Yes. Chronicle requires a broadband connection.

Will Chronicle integrate with my existing e-mail system and Microsoft Office products?

Yes. Chronicle utilizes MS-Word for its word processing capability and has the ability to store any Word® or Excel® file within its sophisticated file management system. Chronicle also has its own built-in e-mail system. Businesses that have not yet invested in an e-mail server will benefit immediately from the ability to now send and receive e-mail correspondence.

Will there be future product upgrades? How much does it cost to upgrade?

Our development team is continually working to add new functionality to the product. New versions of Chronicle are released approximately 3 times per year. Upgrades are included as part of your monthly support fee.

What are the network and hardware requirements for Chronicle?

Hardware and communications start up costs are nominal. The following is a brief overview of the basic system requirements. Note the system is designed to be an enterprise application so we recommend a network environment in your main office to operate and host the software.