Chronicle and the QuickBooks Integration Factor

Hailed as one of the most impressive management software integrators for the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle proudly offers value added services such as QuickBooks integration. Through careful planning and intelligent design, QuickBooks and Chronicle have been integrated to work perfectly and in unison in a seamless and flawless way. One of the key benefits of this unique partnership is that data integration is improved substantially, saving time, effort and money by reducing duplicate entries of data. In addition, Chronicle provides additional services to businesses that do not have on-site QuickBooks access. Simply stated, Chronicle offers viable QuickBooks hosting options to all clients.


Unique Functional Elements Of Businesses

As a world-class provider of high-quality software applications for the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle Technologies offers incredible value at fair and reasonable pricing. Designed with the information and business process in mind, Chronicle fits the needs of a wide range of businesses that fall into the small or medium-size contractor service industry related businesses category. Chronicle knows and understands the unique functional elements of businesses centered about the restoration and construction industry. As a result, all operational elements of a business are organized and managed with one simple yet powerful software application.


job management softwarePowerful Integration

The best part of the Chronicle and QuickBooks partnership is that Chronicle software applications work with QuickBooks directly out-of-the-box. From job costing to customer file accountability and billing, all data and metrics are systematically shared with Chronicle. In addition, this powerful integration requires no complicated training or custom software to fully operate and function as it is intended. Equally impressive is the fact that Chronicle applications also work in full integration with other common productivity software programs. Chronicle applications merge perfectly with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and other similar software programs.


Job Costing Related Software

Chronicle is actively involved in a wide variety of trade shows and industry specific conventions that allow customers and potential clients to explore the wide range of services and products offered by the company. No other job management software dedicated to the restoration and construction industry offers so many flexible options with regard to customer relationship software, job costing related software and other associated software applications. Contact Chronicle today and explore your options with regard to some of the most powerful business process software applications in the industry.

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