Choosing a Good Job Management Software

FI Chosing software

Small and medium-size contractor service businesses require unique and highly specialized software designed to greatly improve job management. While some businesses may choose to go it alone by either forgoing the use of management software entirely, or by the use of generic software that is very limited in scope and functionality, other businesses have bigger ideas. For example, companies that understand scalability and carefully managed growth choose to incorporate software products that will grow in unison as a company expands. One software company in particular that provides this type of custom and unique product is Chronicle.


More Advanced Metrics

Chronicle delivers powerful job management software that integrates customer relationship functionality with job costing applications intended to give small and medium-size businesses greater leverage with regard to growth and expansion. From managing marketing campaigns to carefully tracking sales, Chronicle custom designed software is highly effective and powerful with regard to its ability to increase profitability for a wide range of businesses centered on the restoration and construction industry. From the very basics such as e-mail to more advanced metrics such as project analysis and concluding reports, Chronicle can accurately assess the profitability of virtually any project.


job management softwareAccurate Project Reports

In addition, Chronicle offers some of the most advanced levels of interactive support by knowledgeable and experienced training staff making it their business to know your business operation with acute accuracy. Chronicle carefully analyzes the obstacles your business faces during daily business operation and strategically plans accordingly. Training staff will work alongside your managers and employees to train your staff on how to correctly enter data in such a way that accurate project reports are consistently delivered. Analyzing your company’s growth means better business results and greater profitability. Imagine world-class software that is reasonably priced and incredibly effective in streamlining profitability across a wide range of operations – that is Chronicle.


The Best In The Industry

With an incredibly effective technical support department that is always standing by and ready to address questions and concerns, Chronicle support is regarded as one of the best in the industry. Support is made available via e-mail as well as highly responsive phone contact. All support requests are routed into a central “que” and are promptly addressed by technical support representatives usually within a few hours over the course of a regular business day. In short, Chronicle knows management software for the restoration and construction industry better than any other comparable software development firm in the industry.

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