Effective Meetings with Chronicle


Have you ever been a part of a meeting that was full of personal opinion and speculation where no one really knows what they are talking about. Yeah, me too. They are all too familiar. These meetings would leave me thinking, “What’s the point”? Expectations would rise but unfortunately, performance wouldn’t rise with them. Why? These meetings were never effective and and will never be effective because they are missing one very important ingredient. Content. Data. Cold, hard fact. Without this, progress will be hard to make when the data that you are relying for these meetings is lost or misplaced amongst your employees. All too often, this describes the meetings of many production businesses.


As a business owner or manager, you expect progress to be made as a result of each meeting. It would seem that the key to effective meetings is organized, actionable data. Meaning the data that you want, within whatever department, should be easy to find, in context, and should lead to more relevant information. So, say you want to know which marketing effort is performing best, or which project manager is the most efficient. You should not only be able to merely see the statistics, but you should be able to see the details of each statistic. If you have a marketing campaign that appears to be performing well, you should be able to then go and find the job details of the work you acquired as a result of that marketing campaign. If you wanted to see your Work in Process, you should not only be able to see the the sold price, and projected expense price vs the invoiced and actual expense amount , but you should be able to see the financial information and even the production information for jobs with pending revenue. You need this type of information to remain productive as a company. It will help guide business decisions, allowing you to learn and adapt, giving you a path to then be proactive. Is there a solution for an effective meeting? Yes, there is.


I would like to introduce you to Chronicle. Instead of having meetings to gain information, Chronicle allows you to have effective meetings with information that you can actually act upon.  We know that in order to be productive, you need to have a high level view of your company that can become as detailed as you need it, so we created just that. That is why we do reporting like nobody else in the industry. One of the challenges of meetings is getting people to come prepared. Chronicle takes that challenge on, by giving your business the information that needs to be updated, in seconds. The people in the meeting can literally update their files during the meeting. Now, this will be uncomfortable the first couple of times it happens, but over time it will help change behavior for employees to be proactive in updating their files, before the meeting.


On the marketing end, Chronicle can show you where your work is coming from by the number of jobs or by using information synced with QuickBooks by the value of the job. Chronicle can show you who is referring your jobs, and where your jobs are located. More importantly, Chronicle brings together the people associated with jobs, marketing tasks, notes, and expenses, and financial information from QuickBooks, to let you see, for various contacts, what you’ve invested in terms of money, time, or points of contact and the results you have received from your investment.


As far as production goes, Chronicle’s job manager gives you a picture of your business as a whole. From a broad level of which departments in your company need attention, to a list of jobs which have items that are overdue, all the way down to individual steps on each job of what needs to be done and what has fallen behind. If you want more detail on the jobs that have fallen behind, simply double click on the desired job, and you can go into the job file to see exactly where things are getting hung up. This in itself will help you maintain a professional quality of service among your staff. You can see more about Job Management with Chronicle, here.

All-in-all, Chronicle is capable of giving you a high level view of the entire business life cycle, in seconds. You will always know the status of your business, and you will no longer have to worry about ineffective meetings.

Announcing: “Jupiter” – Chronicle’s New Accounting Integration

Chronicle's new accounting integration with QuickBooks

We live in a world where you can have access to the information that you need in an instant. Many times, you simply need certain bits of information immediately. When managing a business, it’s easy to feel this pressure when having to bill a customer or having to make payroll. Sometimes, the information that you need in Chronicle may still be in QuickBooks or vice versa.  It sure would be great if you can transfer all of your financial data, interchangeably, between Chronicle and QuickBooks with a click of a button. Well, we’ve listened, and we are excited to tell you about ‘Jupiter’.

‘Jupiter’ is the code-name for the new update to Chronicle’s accounting integration with QuickBooks. It is currently being used in several businesses now and the list is growing. The new update provides customers with many essential benefits, some of which include:


  • The ability to push customers or run a complete bridge, within Chronicle, at your will
  • Increased reliability in automated data transfer
  • 5x faster data transfer times
  • The ability to add more integration points between Chronicle and QuickBooks


 Our development team has reported that customers testing the update have been pushing jobs within Chronicle to QuickBooks within seconds! Also, bridges that on average could take up to 30 minutes to complete, now only take 3 minutes. Yeah, it’s that fast.

 This new update will also allow development to explore new frontiers with additional features that will be added as the year progresses. Some of the upcoming features of ‘Jupiter’ will be:


  •  Pushing labor hours into QuickBooks
  • Syncing employee pay rates in QuickBooks to the employee pay rates in Chronicle
  • Adding a transactions view from QuickBooks that includes credit memos and journal entries in the job costing screen in Chronicle


We know we’re excited about this. How about you? Let us know by dropping us a comment!


If you can’t wait to get your hands on this update or if you simply would like more information about ‘Jupiter’, please sign up below!


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Chronicle Release Notes – Version 8.8

FI 8.8 Release Notes

Here’s what you’ll be seeing very shortly in our latest release!

On your iPhone and iPad:

  • Photos can now be taken and imported directly from the app to a Chronicle Job file
  • Major improvements to application stability and reliability
  • Added an Outbox to the Menu to show list of items waiting to be uploaded to the server
  • Improved performance opening a Job

On your desktop, the most notable changes include:

  • Improved connection reliability Loss of network connectivity will no longer require you to log back into Chronicle!
  • The NEW Scheduler is released Working with events is now more dynamic when scheduling people, equipment, and organizations to jobs. You can continue to use the old Calendar and go between them to see the differences.
  • Budget Improvements You can now add supplements and change order amounts to the budget screen.
  • Program Enhancements Over 125 bugs have been fixed and we’ve added many general program enhancements.

Following are more details on the desktop release.

Budget Improvements

  • New columns! Whenever an adjuster approves additions to an original estimate (supplement) or a customer adds additional costs to the work on a job (change order), you need to record this and budget accordingly. Chronicle now gives you the choice of entering up to two supplements and two change order amount column to the budget screen. To do so go to the options button and select Show/Hide Columns. Adding just one of these columns will also add a new column for the combined estimate, supplements, and change orders. In addition, you can now add columns for notes, proposed bids and current profit numbers. (Show/hide screen)
  • Estimate Import! Currently you can import the initial estimate from Xactimate. You can also import any supplements you have created in Xactimate as well. To do so click on Import from Xactimate and from the import by recap category screen, in the lower left choose whether to import as the main estimate, supplement, or supplement2. (Show/hide screen)

General Enhancements

Audit Logs You are now able to search by date, type of changes, and area of change. (Show/hide screen)
Collections Manager

  • Added sold price as an optional column.
  • Able to view receivables filtered by employee in selected role.

Job Description Lengthened the job description field.
Dashboard Create a tile to compare initial bid, sold price and revenues.
Site Name

  • The site name field has been lengthened.
  • Added as a customization column choice in the labor manager and as a preference for the financial tab in the job manager.

Initial bid/Sold price Date fields have been added on the Depts/Activities tab for the dates of the initial bid and sold price.
Job Manager Added the ability to view the financial status of terminated jobs.
Marketing Manager When viewing contacts by office, you can now expand/collapse all in the list and view summary totals office by office.

Email Notifications

  • The pop up for email notification will now tell you who the email is from.
  • The setting to turn notification on or off for new incoming emails is now in the employees person file on the preferences tab. (Show/hide screen)

Bonus Manager When customizing appearance you can now choose to add a column for revenue (i.e. payment – tax & credit memo).
Improved Search features

  • Reminders It is now easier to search people to set reminders for.
  • Organization tab When searching for organizations there is now a city column.
  • Email search Easier to find information in the body of an email.

Network Connectivity

  • Should you have a loss of network connectivity, Chronicle will now automatically reconnect for you.
  • When you wake up your computer from sleep mode Chronicle will reconnect you.
  • If switch network connections, Chronicle will reconnect you.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Display Issues
    • Activity due time is now correctly set when editing due date.
    • Multiple roles assigned to a person/org in a job file were appearing twice on contacts tab.
    • Panel now shows information for an event scheduled for an office.
    • Surveys no longer display department name when creating.
    • Documents tab inside of an organization file is now fully visible.
    • Tasks, key dates, and reminders visible in Scheduler now display appropriate InfoPanels.
  • Changing an organization from customer to non-customer You can now change the category from customer to a non-customer once the jobs have been moved to a different customer.
  • Maps When the show map window is resized, the maps will now also resize.
  • Purchase orders The PO screen now shows who created the PO.
  • SQL errors Fixed a number of SQL errors in job files, contacts, group manager, organizations and others.
  • ServiceMaster You can now enter Enterprize IDs with hyphens.
  • Organizations Now properly sort alphabetically.
  • Xactimate Import HEAT, VENT & AIR CONDITIONING can now be imported into budget.


Need Chronicle Help? Go to www.gochronicle.com/support/

Are You Ready for EVEN MORE VALUE from Chronicle and QuickBooks?

FI Chronicle and Quickbooks

  • Is Quickbooks set up properly for your DR or Construction Company?
  • Do you think Chronicle and QuickBooks could be ‘talking’ better?
  • Do you want to be able to use the information coming from QuickBooks and Chronicle to plan and forecast for the future?

If you’ve ever asked yourself similar questions, I’d like to introduce you to the Advantage Business Management Group. (ABMG)

The Advantage Business Management Group or ABMG, provides specialized management services for the DR and Construction industry and are experts at using Chronicle as the powerhouse business management tool it was designed to be.

What makes ABMG unique is that they partner with you to provide management services, not simply “consulting”.

When you choose to partner with ABMG their team works directly with your team

  1. They specialize in the disaster restoration and construction industries and understand the unique challenges your business faces
  2. They help identify and work with you and your team to remove any barriers
  3. They create and empower leaders in your company that you may have thought impossible

Several Chronicle users have already begun working with the ABMG and their results have been fantastic!


“The Advantage Group (ABMG) has been a huge benefit to our business!”

“The Advantage Group (ABMG) has been a huge benefit to our business! They worked with our sales team to prioritize market objectives and develop departmental and individual sales targets. Our sales team is now well versed in their personal goals and how their success impacts each department as well as the company. They also have a clear understanding what our sales, revenue and collections goals are and make our weekly meetings much more impactful.

Additionally, we have seen growth in our revenue due to the accountability ABMG has given our business as well as the focus they have taught our team to have on the profitability of each job and each department.

ABMG was also instrumental in getting our business back on State Farm PSP even though we were told it would never happen. They gave State Farm the assurance that they would not only see an improvement in our performance, but that because ABGM would be working in our business they could actually impact the business and help with any of their concerns.

Our “partnership” with ABMG helped us establish our company goals and significantly increase our growth and profitability.

Santos Leon
General Manager, ServiceMaster Anytime
Santa Barbara, CA


“Increased our overall revenue in 2013 by 42%! (DR by 56%)”

ABMG has had a tremendous impact on our business in the past 2 years. Making certain that our Quickbooks and Chronicle were tied together “correctly” gave us a clear picture into our job costing and profitability which made us better financially.

In addition, ABMG implement bi-weekly, in-person meetings with our operations, sales & marketing and construction team members which helped us keep a clear focus on our set goals and objectives as well as the ever changing marketplace.

Our sales team understands that we will be tracking their activity and discussing results regularly.
We were able to keep ahead of our competitors by staying focused on day to day business in a way we had not experienced until now.
We also implemented new processes administratively & operationally, which helped us in the areas of Performance Tracking and Service Level Agreement Compliance with our insurance carrier programs.
With the help of ABMG we are able to substantially improve communication with our insurance carriers in a way we have been unable to do in the past.

All of these strategies and tactics increased our overall revenue in 2013 by 42%! (DR by 56%)

We also introduced a virtually new revenue steam when we took a dormant Contents & Pack-Out Division and built it into 25% of our overall CLR. Our employees at SM Total Restoration make a very good team and we have enjoyed success in the past. We were very glad to add ABMG to our team and have them help us grow even more!

Mark Bottjer
President, ServiceMaster Total Restoration
Temecula/Murietta, CA


“They helped in every level of our company..”

There comes a time and place in every leaders journey where they need that extra boost of new ideas and/or old ones improved to get things going in a positive direction for their organization. Doing things the same way with the same results just does not meet the mark.

ABMG brought in an ample supply of positive energy backed up with planned, efficient managerial support to help get our team on board. We didn’t need to clean house. We only needed to change our direction, expectations and accountability process to a more supportable path.

Having ABMG help move the team along has been an incredible experience for us all. They helped in every level of our company from our front line techs, to our management staff, all the way to our top leadership to move in a unified direction as a team.

I highly recommend ABMG to any organization that is looking to improve moral, profitability and growth potential within their organization.

Troy Smithson
President, ServiceMaster First Response
Hesperia, CA


The most popular areas ABMG is asked to work with are:

  1. Fiscal/Operational Planning
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Franchise & Industry Compliance
  4. Business Evaluation/Franchise Sale/Purchase
  5. OR you can bundle them ALL into one overall review

If you’re interested in discussing specifically how ABMG could help your business, please contact Andy MacBride at 909-509-5733 or send an email to andy@gochronicle.com.

For more information about ABMG please visit their website at www.abmgllc.com. OR send an email to info@abmgllc.com

The Chronicle Software Difference


Most business owners would agree that not all management software is created the same. In fact, industry-specific management software designed for the restoration and construction industry requires unique features not found in generic management software. One company in particular, Chronicle has smartly crafted unique custom management software that specifically targets improving the restoration and construction industry. In addition, this powerful, scalable and lightweight software is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses that foresee normal business expansion and growth. Chronicle management software fills a unique need for highly functional and well-designed software applications that are affordable and reasonably priced with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Read more

Understanding Chronicle’s Custom Software


Dedicated to the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle custom software offers unique services to a variety of industries. These sectors include the landscaping industry, the tenant improvement industry, the home improvement industry, pest control industry, plumbing industry, disaster restoration industry, as well as a wide array of construction related industries. In addition, Chronicle is noted as being recognized nationally as one of several preferred vendors for ServiceMaster. Chronicle is designed to integrate perfectly with top accounting software programs such as QuickBooks and other productivity software tools. Read more

Chronicle and the QuickBooks Integration Factor

Hailed as one of the most impressive management software integrators for the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle proudly offers value added services such as QuickBooks integration. Through careful planning and intelligent design, QuickBooks and Chronicle have been integrated to work perfectly and in unison in a seamless and flawless way. One of the key benefits of this unique partnership is that data integration is improved substantially, saving time, effort and money by reducing duplicate entries of data. In addition, Chronicle provides additional services to businesses that do not have on-site QuickBooks access. Simply stated, Chronicle offers viable QuickBooks hosting options to all clients. Read more

Taking Full Advantage Of Chronicle For Mobile


Chronicle is known for its highly intuitive and incredibly accurate management software for the restoration and construction industry. However, there is an added cutting-edge technology that makes Chronicle software even more intuitive and more useful. The latest Chronicle mobile capabilities allow businesses to access all of the functionality of Chronicle software via mobile device, taking the Chronicle advantage to an entirely new level of performance. The Chronicle suite of software applications is now readily available via Windows Mobile phone, iPhone and Android devices. This mobile enhancement greatly improves accessibility and versatility with regard to a wide range of Chronicle products and services. Read more

Choosing a Good Job Management Software

FI Chosing software

Small and medium-size contractor service businesses require unique and highly specialized software designed to greatly improve job management. While some businesses may choose to go it alone by either forgoing the use of management software entirely, or by the use of generic software that is very limited in scope and functionality, other businesses have bigger ideas. For example, companies that understand scalability and carefully managed growth choose to incorporate software products that will grow in unison as a company expands. One software company in particular that provides this type of custom and unique product is Chronicle. Read more

The Size of A Business Does Matter When It Comes to Chronicle Software

FI Size of your business

Chronicle management software for the restoration and construction industry is unique in that it is highly scalable and easy to integrate. The Chronicle software suite is easy to implement with regard to a wide range of businesses and is perfectly suited for growth as a business grows. From a full range of small to medium-sized businesses, Chronicle management software can be adapted to a wide range of business sizes. Whether a company chooses the standard or enterprise software package offered by Chronicle, they can be assured that the software will grow in concert with their business. One of the key benefits of using Chronicle is that it will ultimately save business owners money, time, and trouble. Read more