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Chronicle Release Notes – Version 8.8

Here’s what you’ll be seeing very shortly in our latest release! On your iPhone and iPad: Photos can now be taken and imported directly from the app to a Chronicle Job file Major improvements to application stability and reliability Added an Outbox to the Menu to show list of items waiting to be uploaded to […]

Are You Ready for EVEN MORE VALUE from Chronicle and QuickBooks?

Is Quickbooks set up properly for your DR or Construction Company? Do you think Chronicle and QuickBooks could be ‘talking’ better? Do you want to be able to use the information coming from QuickBooks and Chronicle to plan and forecast for the future? If you’ve ever asked yourself similar questions, I’d like to introduce you […]

The Chronicle Software Difference

Most business owners would agree that not all management software is created the same. In fact, industry-specific management software designed for the restoration and construction industry requires unique features not found in generic management software. One company in particular, Chronicle has smartly crafted unique custom management software that specifically targets improving the restoration and construction […]

Understanding Chronicle’s Custom Software

Dedicated to the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle custom software offers unique services to a variety of industries. These sectors include the landscaping industry, the tenant improvement industry, the home improvement industry, pest control industry, plumbing industry, disaster restoration industry, as well as a wide array of construction related industries. In addition, Chronicle is noted […]

Chronicle and the QuickBooks Integration Factor

Hailed as one of the most impressive management software integrators for the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle proudly offers value added services such as QuickBooks integration. Through careful planning and intelligent design, QuickBooks and Chronicle have been integrated to work perfectly and in unison in a seamless and flawless way. One of the key benefits […]

Taking Full Advantage Of Chronicle For Mobile

Chronicle is known for its highly intuitive and incredibly accurate management software for the restoration and construction industry. However, there is an added cutting-edge technology that makes Chronicle software even more intuitive and more useful. The latest Chronicle mobile capabilities allow businesses to access all of the functionality of Chronicle software via mobile device, taking […]

Choosing a Good Job Management Software

Small and medium-size contractor service businesses require unique and highly specialized software designed to greatly improve job management. While some businesses may choose to go it alone by either forgoing the use of management software entirely, or by the use of generic software that is very limited in scope and functionality, other businesses have bigger […]

When Cash Flow Problems Become Cash Flow Solutions

The restoration and construction industry, like many other industries, is prone to losses due to inadequate and disorganized cash flow. The tracking of cash flow is essential to long-term business success. Most business owners would agree that without adequate cash flow a business is likely to simply cease to exist. For a business owner to […]

Understanding The Scheduling Functions Of Chronicle Software

As one of the premier management software applications for the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle software has provisions and mechanisms that allow for the quick and efficient scheduling of events, activities and tasks. What makes Chronicle’s software scheduling functions so unique is that it allows business owners and project managers to easily schedule an event […]