Are You Ready for EVEN MORE VALUE from Chronicle and QuickBooks?

FI Chronicle and Quickbooks

  • Is Quickbooks set up properly for your DR or Construction Company?
  • Do you think Chronicle and QuickBooks could be ‘talking’ better?
  • Do you want to be able to use the information coming from QuickBooks and Chronicle to plan and forecast for the future?

If you’ve ever asked yourself similar questions, I’d like to introduce you to the Advantage Business Management Group. (ABMG)

The Advantage Business Management Group or ABMG, provides specialized management services for the DR and Construction industry and are experts at using Chronicle as the powerhouse business management tool it was designed to be.

What makes ABMG unique is that they partner with you to provide management services, not simply “consulting”.

When you choose to partner with ABMG their team works directly with your team

  1. They specialize in the disaster restoration and construction industries and understand the unique challenges your business faces
  2. They help identify and work with you and your team to remove any barriers
  3. They create and empower leaders in your company that you may have thought impossible

Several Chronicle users have already begun working with the ABMG and their results have been fantastic!


“The Advantage Group (ABMG) has been a huge benefit to our business!”

“The Advantage Group (ABMG) has been a huge benefit to our business! They worked with our sales team to prioritize market objectives and develop departmental and individual sales targets. Our sales team is now well versed in their personal goals and how their success impacts each department as well as the company. They also have a clear understanding what our sales, revenue and collections goals are and make our weekly meetings much more impactful.

Additionally, we have seen growth in our revenue due to the accountability ABMG has given our business as well as the focus they have taught our team to have on the profitability of each job and each department.

ABMG was also instrumental in getting our business back on State Farm PSP even though we were told it would never happen. They gave State Farm the assurance that they would not only see an improvement in our performance, but that because ABGM would be working in our business they could actually impact the business and help with any of their concerns.

Our “partnership” with ABMG helped us establish our company goals and significantly increase our growth and profitability.

Santos Leon
General Manager, ServiceMaster Anytime
Santa Barbara, CA


“Increased our overall revenue in 2013 by 42%! (DR by 56%)”

ABMG has had a tremendous impact on our business in the past 2 years. Making certain that our Quickbooks and Chronicle were tied together “correctly” gave us a clear picture into our job costing and profitability which made us better financially.

In addition, ABMG implement bi-weekly, in-person meetings with our operations, sales & marketing and construction team members which helped us keep a clear focus on our set goals and objectives as well as the ever changing marketplace.

Our sales team understands that we will be tracking their activity and discussing results regularly.
We were able to keep ahead of our competitors by staying focused on day to day business in a way we had not experienced until now.
We also implemented new processes administratively & operationally, which helped us in the areas of Performance Tracking and Service Level Agreement Compliance with our insurance carrier programs.
With the help of ABMG we are able to substantially improve communication with our insurance carriers in a way we have been unable to do in the past.

All of these strategies and tactics increased our overall revenue in 2013 by 42%! (DR by 56%)

We also introduced a virtually new revenue steam when we took a dormant Contents & Pack-Out Division and built it into 25% of our overall CLR. Our employees at SM Total Restoration make a very good team and we have enjoyed success in the past. We were very glad to add ABMG to our team and have them help us grow even more!

Mark Bottjer
President, ServiceMaster Total Restoration
Temecula/Murietta, CA


“They helped in every level of our company..”

There comes a time and place in every leaders journey where they need that extra boost of new ideas and/or old ones improved to get things going in a positive direction for their organization. Doing things the same way with the same results just does not meet the mark.

ABMG brought in an ample supply of positive energy backed up with planned, efficient managerial support to help get our team on board. We didn’t need to clean house. We only needed to change our direction, expectations and accountability process to a more supportable path.

Having ABMG help move the team along has been an incredible experience for us all. They helped in every level of our company from our front line techs, to our management staff, all the way to our top leadership to move in a unified direction as a team.

I highly recommend ABMG to any organization that is looking to improve moral, profitability and growth potential within their organization.

Troy Smithson
President, ServiceMaster First Response
Hesperia, CA


The most popular areas ABMG is asked to work with are:

  1. Fiscal/Operational Planning
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Franchise & Industry Compliance
  4. Business Evaluation/Franchise Sale/Purchase
  5. OR you can bundle them ALL into one overall review

If you’re interested in discussing specifically how ABMG could help your business, please contact Andy MacBride at 909-509-5733 or send an email to

For more information about ABMG please visit their website at OR send an email to

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