Chronicle was one of the first companies to be invited to join the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace and was a Beta user of the well known QuickBooks SDK (Software Developers Kit). Chronicle is an active and enthusiastic business partner of Intuit and continues to participate in the on going process of improving the integration of QuickBooks with other vertical applications. Our close relationship with Intuit provides QuickBooks users with the extra assurance that Chronicle and QuickBooks Pro through Enterprise 2008 – 2010 will work together right out of the box. For more on how Chronicle and QuickBooks work together, please visit QuickBooks Pro through Enterprise or visit the QuickBooks web site using this link QuickBooks and save up to 20% on any of the QuickBooks products or services.

Chronicle recommends Dell hardware. We have a vested interest in the reliability and power of the server that hosts our application. Experience has proven Dell to be an excellent choice. Chronicle is a registered Dell Affiliate, which means our clients receive special pricing when purchasing equipment through Dell. When ordering please reference the Chronicle promotion code. Call Dell at 800-WWW-DELL or buy on line through the Dell web site at Dell Small Business.

Chronicle’s beginning came from the need for an enterprise system to support the operations of the ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration (DR) franchise located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. As a result, the application is well suited for both contracting and DR type operations. In 2001, Chronicle was granted Preferred Vendor Status by the ServiceMaster home office. With over 200 franchises nationwide listed as Chronicle customers, Chronicle is proud to be affiliated with ServiceMaster. We are frequent participants in both regional and national level conferences and seminars.

The tracking of items within Chronicle is instantly enhanced with the bar code capabilities of ASAP Systems. Chronicle provides the ability to track each asset deployed in your business, from fans to trucks. The ASAP System is fully integrated with Chronicle so that the assignment and log in /log out of these items becomes as easy as a swipe of a bar code reader.