Chronicle began with the idea of solving a small business dilemma: Fulfill the management and operational needs of a small business with a tool that is affordable, and yet provides the same functionality of high-end applications used by major corporations. Solve the dilemma and you will get the business owners’ and managers’ attention.

Our Product

Chronicle’s software is specifically designed to manage sales and marketing campaigns while providing detailed reports on their effectiveness. Project management is another key deliverable starting from email all the way to project analysis and the concluding reports required to assess the profitability of a project.

With Chronicle all functional elements of the business, from job costing and labor analysis to scheduling and accounts receivable are managed with one seamless application. The productivity of everyone in the organization, from the owner to the clerical and field staff, increases. The product is easy to use and cost savings begin to appear quickly after implementation. Your staff begins to benefit from the use of one, central database that contains all of the project, customer, subcontractor and related communications and documents for every job, active or closed.

Available via the internet, Chronicle works seamlessly with America’s number 1 accounting software, Quickbooks and other productivity tools. Integrating relevant data from these applications in a single database, eliminates the time consuming tasks of searching for information in multiple places as well as entering the same data multiple times.

Primary Industries

· Disaster restoration
· Home improvement contractors
· Tenant improvement contractors
· Other construction businesses
· Landscaping
· Pest control services and plumbing contractors

Chronicle is a nationally recognized preferred vendor of ServiceMaster

Board of Directors

Charlie Hobbs, Tech Coast Angels
Daniel Manchester, Chief Technology Officer
Mark Bower, ServiceMaster Complete Restoration