Chronicle began with the idea of solving a small business dilemma: Fulfill the management and operational needs of a small business with a tool that is affordable, and yet provides the same functionality of high-end applications used by major corporations. Solve the dilemma and you will get the business owners’ and managers’ attention.

Large enterprise software applications, such as JD Edwards®, SAP®, Baan®, while not suitable for a small business, provide an indication of the importance of industry specific applications. These companies have all dedicated millions of dollars to develop industry specific versions of their products. Why? Because not every business does things exactly the same way. Each of these firms has contractor versions of their products, which tells us something. It says that a garden variety software tool that claims to be a suitable enterprise application for contractors is probably not.

Our founder discovered this and set out to build a system that would meet the specific needs of small to medium contractor services businesses, first his and now many others like it. From that effort has come a software tool that is uniquely capable of supporting your business and sustaining a best practices standard of excellence for your operations and management.

Chronicle’s software is specifically designed to manage sales and marketing campaigns while providing detailed reports on their effectiveness. Project management is another key deliverable starting from email all the way to project analysis and the concluding reports required to assess the profitability of a project.

With Chronicle all functional elements of the business, from job costing and labor analysis to scheduling and accounts receivable are managed with one seamless application. The productivity of everyone in the organization, from the owner to the clerical and field staff, increases. The product is easy to use and cost savings begin to appear quickly after implementation. Your staff begins to benefit from the use of one, central database that contains all of the project, customer, subcontractor and related communications and documents for every job, active or closed.

World Class Software

Specifically designed to support the needs of small to medium sized contractor services businesses, with Chronicle all functional elements of your business are managed in one application.

Customer focused, the satisfaction rating is reflected in the extraordinarily high satisfaction level with not only the software but our support services as well. Chronicle users agree, in that our development process is user oriented and reflects our own experience in the contractor services business, like no other software can or has even attempted to do.

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