Chronicle management software for the restoration and construction industry is unique in that it is highly scalable and easy to integrate. The Chronicle software suite is easy to implement with regard to a wide range of businesses and is perfectly suited for growth as a business grows. From a full range of small to medium-sized […]

The restoration and construction industry, like many other industries, is prone to losses due to inadequate and disorganized cash flow. The tracking of cash flow is essential to long-term business success. Most business owners would agree that without adequate cash flow a business is likely to simply cease to exist. For a business owner to […]

As one of the premier management software applications for the restoration and construction industry, Chronicle software has provisions and mechanisms that allow for the quick and efficient scheduling of events, activities and tasks. What makes Chronicle’s software scheduling functions so unique is that it allows business owners and project managers to easily schedule an event […]

Privacy and overall levels of digital security are ever increasing issues in today’s highly digitized world, so it’s important to consider the levels of security offered by various types of software applications. Of equal importance is making certain that software designed to enhance business productivity is secure as well. Many companies today rely on software […]

In today’s complex business world it is more important than ever before to ensure that employees are in fact doing their job. Holding employees accountable for the quality and quantity of work they accomplish is key to assuring the long-term success of any organization. The good news for small and medium-size businesses is that Chronicle […]

Getting back to basics with Chronicle management software for the restoration and construction industry is simple. The company offers unique and highly effective digital solutions as a way to help consolidate daily operations for virtually any business in the small to medium category. By integrating daily operations into one simple easy to use tool for […]

Because Chronicle software for the restoration and construction industry is so highly prized among various sized businesses it is important to note that this software has many useful facets. One of these facets in particular is the ability to create fair and balanced incentive plans for employees. This is a unique aspect of Chronicle software […]

While Chronicle management software for the restoration and construction industry is already cutting edge and state-of-the-art in everyway, it has recently become even better thanks to full mobile functionality. This definitive software solution for small and medium sized businesses can now be accessed via iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile Phones. With recent improvements to its […]

While today’s largely Internet-centric world is increasingly focused on e-mail communications, faxing is still a vital part of the overall functioning of most businesses today. In fact, some businesses insist on faxing as a primary method of communication due to perceived or real safety concerns involved with online communications such as e-mail. Fortunately for those […]

Through the careful integration of premier software offered by Chronicle, project managers can not only track the work and progress of other managers and employees but they can also have a better understanding of what is expected from them in general. A project manager, sales representative or estimator working on a particular job file can […]