Chronicle's software is specifically designed to manage sales and marketing campaigns while providing detailed reports on their effectiveness. Project management is another key deliverable starting from email all the way to project analysis and the concluding reports required to assess the profitability of a project.


You receive the highest level of support as our training staff knows your business and understands the obstacles you are faced with on a daily basis. We work side by side with you to train your staff to input your data properly so as to provide all the information you need to analyze and grow your business more profitably.


Chronicle's Technical Support Department is available to answer any questions. You may contact us via phone or email, whichever you prefer. Your support ticket is directed into a central que where our Technical Support Department will contact you generally within 2 - 4 hours during standard business hours.


"We are excited about what Chronicle does for us. From anywhere at anytime I can see what activities are happening. I know of no other software that can do what Chronicle does. Chronicle works, it is BIG, BAD and FAST … all for a reasonable price."

Carl Sorenson, WA